Our Vision

"To build an inspiring place where young ambitious student athletes can come to find and discover their gifts, evolve and prosper.”

Our Mission

To coach student athletes the academic, physical, mental and social skills they need to

achieve their personal best and advance to higher levels of competition.

To mentor students and staff to become stewards of the world.

To provide an inspiring, lifelong learning environment for all students and staff.

To become a respected, contributing member in the community.

To operate with fiscal responsibility and achieving set goals.

Our Values

We value the human spirit and all that it dreams and aspires to. We value and believe that every student has the ability to achieve success given the right conditions and support. We value hard work and how sweat nourishes success. We value commitment and the champions it creates. We value truth and honesty and the clear path it creates. We value integrity and the strength in character it establishes. We value discipline, providence and generosity and the freedoms that they develop and provide.