The Banff Hockey Academy Goals for Education, Hockey, Life
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Boys Evaluation Camp-May 27 &  28 BHA Girls Open House-April 30th Our Dressing Room Has a Place for You! Beautiful Banff, Alberta

The Banff Hockey Academy is a premier hockey preparatory school located in beautiful Banff, Alberta, Canada in the heart of Western Canada's Rocky Mountains. The Banff Hockey Academy provides its students with over 360 hours of ice time, (which includes 50-60 games) over a ten-month span. The Banff Hockey Academy is located in one of the most unique and inspiring places in the world - Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Students receive individual attention and guidance as well as first class training from a staff of professional coaches with NHL, European, College and Junior league experience. The Banff Hockey Academy follows a specialized training and nutrition program that is customized for the student's schedule by a registered strength and conditioning coach. Finally, students meet with a peak mental performance coach twice a month, to establish optimum mental toughness. The Banff Hockey Academy prides itself on its strict focus on school, hockey and leadership development.