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   Banff Hockey Academy: Girl's Hockey


2012-2013 BHA Girl's Varsity Team

Female Alumni

Started in 2010-2011, the Women's Varsity Team is an Under 18 development program for female hockey players from all over the world. The program will consist of 15 to 17 year old female hockey players that are looking to improve their skills and academics in order to pursue a university education and to play college hockey.

The Women’s Varsity team practices four to five times a week for ninety minutes per session. The BHA program focuses on skill development and team tactics to improve the player's skill level and understanding of the game.

Our off-ice program consists of four-ninety minute sessions per week. During this time, we employ a variety of training disciplines from weight training, speed, agility and quickness to Peak Mental Performance coaching. These different methods all aid in the development of a more mature, physically and mentally balanced athlete. Our program is created and implemented by the BHA’s Strength and Conditioning Coach.

The Banff Hockey Academy Peak Mental Performance is delivered by Richard Monette of InnerWarrior Coaching and Consulting. The PMP sessions take place in a classroom of the Banff Community High School twice a month and the sessions are one hour in length. Richard attends many of the BHA home games and shares his advice to the players before and after games.

The off-ice sessions occur at various locations throughout Banff depending on the type of workouts. The facilities used  for our programs are Banff Community High School Gym and Weight Room, the Sally Borden Fitness and Recreation Centre, and the local track and field grounds.  

The Banff Recreation Centre has completed a $ 33 million upgrade and renovation.  The Women's Varsity program has its own dressing room at the arena as well as laundry facilities, weight room, skate sharpening and physiotherapy rooms. 


2011-2012 BHA Girl's Team on Johnson's Lake

2011-2012 BHA Girl's Varsity Challenge Cup Silver Medalists

Program Overview: 

Education: All students will attend the Banff Community High School and follow the Alberta Learning curriculum. Mandatory study halls will be held at a minimum 4 nights per week for 1.5 hours. These study halls will be tutored by qualified teachers.

Accommodation & Meals: All female athletes will be billeted by a Banff family. Each billet family will be required to complete a careful screening process. Local families whose daughter participate in the BHA program will be given the first opportunity to host a student. Some team meals and snacks will be offered at the BHA residence.

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Coaching staff: Former Mercyhurst University stand-out Cassea Schols heads the program with support coming from the BHA coaching staff including Garry Unger and Bill Doherty along with the BHA’s peak mental performance coach and the BHA’s off-ice strength coach.

Dressing Room: The Girl’s Prep Team has their own dressing room with individual stalls at the Banff Recreation Centre.