Are there scholarships available? 
Yes there are scholarships available. There is the Athletic Bursary for athletic excellence, the Academic Bursary for academic excellence and the Director's Bursary, which is given at the Directors discretion.

Where do players move on after attending the Banff Hockey Academy?
We currently have players playing in the British Columbia Junior "A" hockey league, Alberta Junior "A" hockey league, America West Junior "A" hockey league, Saskatchewan Junior "A" hockey league, Manitoba Junior "A" Hockey league.

How many move on to College? 
We have several players who are playing or have played at a variety of Division 3 and Division 1 program both in the USA and in Canada. We also have a former student playing University hockey in Japan.

Where are some former BHA students playing currently?
Our most notable Alumni is Matt Keith who was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks 59th overall. We also have players playing pro in the AHL, ECHL, DEL, United Kingdom, Austria and Italy. You can also see our list of Alumni players on our website.

What types of scouting will I receive? 
You will receive scouting from Junior "A" teams all over North America, Western Hockey League scouting, Division 3 scouting and some division 1 scouting.

How many hours of "off" ice training would I receive while attending the BHA?
You receive 1hour to 1.5 hours a day, Monday to Friday.

How much school do students miss during the hockey season? 
Depending on the student's academic schedule, you may miss approximately 1 class per day and in some cases two classes. Work missed in these classes is made up during a 1.5-2 study hall in the evening. These study halls are mandatory. And supported by a tutor for each and every study hall period.

What is the housing situation like? 
All male student-athletes are housed at the BHA residence. The residence is right beside the High School and an 8-minute walk from the Arena. The students generally have a roommate. A cook hired by the Banff Hockey Academy prepares their meals.

All Female student-athletes are billeted with a Banff family who typically has a daughter in the program. Lunch and Dinner are eaten at the BHA Residence.

Will I have internet access in the house? 
Yes! There is wireless Internet at the residence. Students have their own laptops and the BHA also has PC's in the residence. At school there are two computer labs with access for schoolwork only.

What is the average temperature in winter? 
The Average temperature is always below 32 F. Summer? Is anywhere between 70F and 90F

What kind of community service volunteer work do the students get involved with?
The BHA takes great pride in its community involvement. We help with minor hockey, school plays, parades, Helping with rink clean up, building play grounds for the elementary school etc.

What is junior hockey?
It is a highly skilled preparatory league for College.

Can I write SAT exams in Banff? 
SAT exams are written in Calgary. The BHA staff assists with commuting to the exams.

As a postgraduate, will I have an opportunity for part time employment? 
Yes, if you are a Canadian citizen or have a work visa.

When does the season begin/end? 
The season begins September 1st and concludes March 31st for Post Graduates and June 30th for the high school students