Banff Hockey Academy

The following links provide a complete description of how the BHA operates and develops its student athletes. 

Girl's Prep (19-U) Team

Boy's Prep (18-U) Team

Boy's Varsity (16-U) Team

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Tuition Fees & Financial Aid

Choosing and paying for your child’s education is a difficult process and our hope is that we can help you discover the gifts of the Banff Hockey Academy experience. 

Our goal is to make sure that we help you decide that the BHA will be a place for your child to flourish.  This is a crucial time in your son or daughter's development and making the decision to attend should not be solely based on finances. After your discovery that the BHA will be a great place for your child, we’ll do our best to create a financial scenario to make it happen.

We hope that your family will have a heart to heart discussion on the costs to attend the BHA and determine that paying for this experience is a priority in your child's education and a responsibility that you will share.

We also want to ensure that this experience is available to all students who’s goals are harmonious  with the BHA regardless of your financial circumstances and therefore families should not be discouraged from applying to the BHA because of limited financial resources.

The Banff Hockey Academy fees and payment schedules can be viewed by clicking on the on-line brochures below.

Tuition Fees | Post Grad Tuition Fees | Bow Valley Residents