Coaching staff: Garry Unger, Billy Doherty.

Justin Cardinal is our Goaltending Consultant. He has been working in the WHL for the past 7 years with the the Prince George Cougars and the Kootenay Ice Justin works with goaltenders at all levels in Alberta from Minor Hockey all the way to the NHL level.

Education: All high school students attend the Banff Community High School and follow the Alberta Learning curriculum. Mandatory study halls are held 4 nights per week for 1.5 hours. These study halls will be tutored by qualified teachers.

Accommodation & Meals: All non local Varsity team members are housed at the BHA residence (the Hockey House) located at 338 Banff Avenue.  Team meals and snacks are hosted at the BHA residence.

Dressing Room: The Boys Varsity Team has their own dressing room with individual stalls at the Banff Recreation Centre.


The BHA Varsity team trains both on and off the ice daily. Practices are held from Monday - Friday for 75 minutes. The BHA program focuses on skill development and team tactics to improve the player's skill level and understanding of the game.

Off ice training takes place either before skating sessions or after them. The Varsity team will play games in league, tournament and exhibition play. The Varsity team will compete against teams in the Canadian Sports School Hockey League ( 

Every member of the BHA Varsity team is affiliated to the BHA Prep team, allowing for further development and exposure. The off-ice sessions occur at various locations throughout Banff depending on the type of workouts. The facilities used  for our programs are Banff Community High School Gym and Weight Room, the Sally Borden Fitness and Recreation Centre, and the local track and field grounds.  


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