The Banff Hockey Academy structures a rigorous athletic program, which requires dedication and discipline. Our competitive hockey program for girls and boys focuses on training good habits in players so they can achieve athletic excellence. We believe passion and persistence create great hockey players.



The Fenland's Recreational Center has recently dedicated 4500 sq ft to the BHA in their 2011 renovations. This includes our offices, physiotherapy services, laundry facilities, weight room, storage as well as three, professionally designed team dressing rooms.


Students receive individual attention and guidance as well as first class training from a staff of professional coaches with NHL, European, College and Junior league experience. The Banff Hockey Academy follows a specialized training and nutrition program that is customized for the student's schedule by a registered strength and conditioning coach. Finally, students meet with a peak mental performance coach twice a month, to establish optimum mental toughness. The Banff Hockey Academy prides itself on its strict focus on school, hockey and leadership development.



Every BHA student participates in over 360 hours of on-ice instruction. Each team practice's 7.5 hours per week and plays 40-50 games over a 7 month period (September to March).


Competitive Training

The MALE PREP team competes in the Canadian Sports School Hockey League (CSSHL-36 games plus playoffs) and adds a competitive schedule of exhibition and tournament play (approximately 15-20 games).

The GIRLS PREP team competes in the CSSHL (10 games). The team attends several tournaments and will also make an East Coast Tour and visit several USA Colleges and play like-minded programs. The GIRLS PREP program will comprise of 40-50 games.

The MALE VARSITY team competes in the CSSHL (30 games) and plays another 25-30 games in a variety of tournaments and exhibition games.



Peak Mental Performance

Richard Monette of InnerWarrior Coaching and Consulting has delivered the Banff Hockey Academy's PMP since 1994. The objective and content of the PMP program is designed to deliver on the general objective of the Banff Hockey Academy: to help student-athletes develop their full potential and make a positive impact upon their community. The main objective of the Peak Mental Performance training program is to help athlete-students increase their “CONFIDENCE and CHARACTER” score. The character score is the sum of 9 critical mental performance skills that help hockey players maximize their physical skills and increase their effectiveness.