Application Procedures

Thank you for choosing to apply to the Banff Hockey Academy. There are a few things you will need to organise for your application. Please click on the yellow links to download forms.

  1. Two recent photos of the applicant (passport size)

  2. Student Medical Examination form to be completed by family physician, with an attached up to date Student Health Information form, to be completed by parent.

  3. Principals confidential report completed and signed by a school official, accompanied by certified transcript of marks for the most current year. Failure to have final official transcripts forwarded to the BHA could jeopardize the applicant's grade placement. 3b. The principals report and transcripts may either be forwarded under separate cover the school or uploaded with the student's application material.

  4. English Teacher Report and Math Teacher Report.

  5. Over seas applicants must have all documents translated into the English language.

  6. Faxing of documents will serve as interim measures, however, the original must follow anything that is faxed as quickly as possible.

  7. Please double check all documents to ensure all requirements have been met before sending to the Registrar. Taking the extra time now will help speed up the process, permitting final acknowledgement that much sooner.

  8. Parents are strongly advised to print all completed forms and to retain their personal records.

  9. You will be required to submit $195.00 CDN non-refundable Application Fee through paypal. If accepted, this fee will be applied towards your account.

  10. Final acceptance is not official until the first instalment of tuition fees have been paid.