Banff Community High School

We provide student athletes a supportive academic environment that is conducive to a competitive athletic training program. Over the years, the Banff Community High School has worked collaboratively with the BHA to manage our full training schedules. BCHS is located at the center of town, right next door to the BHA residence. The school has roughly 200 students. Intimate class sizes range from 20-35 people from grade 9 through 12. This affords our students with the individual care they deserve. The program meets the requirements of Alberta Education and affords all students the opportunity to graduate from BCHS and receive an Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement.

BCHS Educators

Natasha Miles - BCHS Principal


Study Hall

Due to the hectic schedule, player’s are expected to manage their academic time efficiently. Study Hall is every weekday during the evening, 8-9. This provides students with a work space after school hours dedicated to studying and getting ahead with a tutor on site.  The BHA has a strict school first policy in the event of conflicts between training and academics. Students are expected to keep their school work current and to ask for help either from their course teacher or from the BHA tutors.

BHA Tutors

Lynda Enarson - English and Social Studies

Tetsuro Tahana - ESL

Ron Duggan - Math

Kaylee Ram - General Programming


Continuous Communication

The BHA staff stays in close contact with the BCHS staff. Daily visits and weekly meetings allow for continuous communication between our staff and school staff. Unexcused absences are reported daily and in some cases within less than an hour of the absence. Poor performance is communicated quickly by BCHS teachers and dealt with promptly by the the BHA’s academic tutors. An On-line monitoring and tracking program allows teachers, coaches and parents to be current with student progress. When necessary, students will have to miss on ice practices to bring academic progress up to date. If a student falls behind with any course work they will be removed of social privileges first and then denied attendance at hockey training activities until an acceptable academic standing is achieved. Daily check ups help ensure that the student gets on the right track. We have a rich history of students furthering their education at Canadian, USA and international post secondary schools. This is all possible because of our strong collaborative relationship with BCHS.



Canadian Rockies Public Schools has a divisional professional development focus of teachers collaborating in teams focused on developing and implementing goals aimed at improving student learning. This culture of professional sharing is referred to as a Professional Learning Community. All members of the school community are learners and focused on improving learning and instruction. Weekly meetings that are used to collaborate with both school based and divisional colleagues consider this to be a critical part of the learning process for staff and students.